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Try Virtual Game Station For Free

Try Virtual Game Station For Free

by , 7:00 AM EDT, October 3rd, 2000

Connectix has announced the availability of a demo version of their popular Sony Playstation video game emulator, Virtual Game Station. VGS turned the market on its ear a couple years back, and has continued to be a highly sought after product. According to Connectix:

Connectix Announces Free Demo Version of its popular Connectix Virtual Game Station New free Demo version of Connectix Virtual Game Station is now available Award-winning video game emulation product for Macintosh and Windows‚ Play many popular PlayStation‚ games on your Mac or PC Frees PlayStation game players from the TV Provides computer gamers access to games only available on the PlayStation

Connectix Virtual Game Station gives you a hassle-free way to play Sony‚ PlayStation games on your Mac or Windows PC. Installation is no different than any other application. With Connectix Virtual Game Station, your computer gives you easy access to over 200 recommended games.


  • Play Sony PlayStation games on your Mac or Windows PC
  • Currently, over 200 games are on the recommended games list. Check for the up to date list.
  • Supports keyboards and input devices such as game pads and joysticks
  • Allows users to define the functions associated with the various buttons and keys on their input device
  • Supports two player games when the computer is equipped with two input devices
  • Save game progress just like a PlayStation with virtual Memory Card feature

    BUY: Customers can purchase the Connectix Virtual Game Station through the Connectix online store ( or at retail stores, mail order catalogs, and online stores where Macintosh or Windows products are sold.

    DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO VERSION: Users can download the free Demo version of Connectix Virtual Game Station at the Connectix web site.

    FREE UPDATE: Users of previous versions of Connectix Virtual Game Station can access a free updater at the Connectix web site.

  • Virtual Game Station is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Connectix web site.

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