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Apple Europe News Briefs - Apple Forgets To Register, New OS X Client For Ericsson Phones, More

by , 11:00 AM EDT, July 10th, 2002

Starting this week, TMO will offer a regular round-up of Apple-related news from Europe, courtesy of the editor of our European Desk, Tom Terryn.

MacOS X Client for Ericsson mobile phones released

Jonas Salling, a Swedish programmer, has made a Mac OS X client for Ericsson mobile phones. Users of the program can transfer their phones' address book to and from their favorite PIM application. The client also lets Ericsson-owning Mac users transfer GIF images, ringtones and themes to their phone. Ericsson Client is still at 1.0, so there may be some rough edges. The program is shareware, and Jonas is asking $10 for his labor of love.

You can find more info on Jonas' site. You can find download links on Jonas' home page or on the ubiquitous VersionTracker.

eMac review posted

Macnyt, a Danish Mac portal (and a very good one at that) has published a review of the eMac. It's a very thorough article, complete with pictures of the box the eMac comes in. (When was the last time you saw a review of a Dell computer that mentions the box? Exactly...) The eMac gets good marks for sound quality, available resolutions and value-for-money. Macnyt was less impressed with the eMac's image quality at higher resolutions. The full review can be read here. Of course, your Danish will have to be up to scratch...

European PC market falls back

According to data from British market research company Context, the European PC market showed a 10% fallback in the last six months when compared to the same period last year. The drop is sales is largely due to a weak business market. Consumer sales remained at more or less the same level as last year, although there was a slight 3% drop there too. Context's research did not take into account direct and online sales. German industry magazine Computerwoche Online has a more in-depth look.

Apple forgets to renew domain name license

Last Saturday, German Mac users wanting to surf to Apple Deutschland's Web site were in for a surprise. Instead of the usual Apple home page, they were presented with a plain text message from LaserPlus, a printer supplies company. Apparently, Apple forgot to renew their license for the German domain name and LaserPlus snapped it up before anyone else had the chance to do the same. When questioned by German magazine MacWelt, Apple admitted to having "organizational problems." Apparently, LaserPlus is not interested in earning money from Apple's absent-mindedness and is offering to return the domain name to Apple as soon as possible. Apple Germany can still be reached on

Other news stories

Another sad day for Internet publishing as a Danish court declares deep linking to be illegal. (Linked page in German)

Better news from the Netherlands, where buyers of a flat-panel iMac get an ecology bonus from the Dutch Tax Service. (Linked page in Dutch)

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