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Apple Europe News Briefs - UK Government Goes IM -- Redmond Style, Norway Drops Microsoft Contract

by , 2:45 PM EDT, July 12th, 2002

Continuing our look at the stories on the other side of the Atlantic, this is today's pick of Mac-related news-facts. Generally, there's a sigh of relief in the Macintosh community as earnings from Yahoo! and Microsoft lifted some of the doom and gloom off European stock markets and the tech world in general.

Xserve enjoys the limelight at MacWelt

German magazine MacWelt posted a massive four-page photo special of the Xserve. In traditional Mac review style, the box, all the package materials and contents are displayed before readers can lust upon the Xserve itself. Additionally, the editor had a first look at installing and running the Xserve and did some preliminary tests on Apple's first "real" server. The tests compare the Xserve to Apple's existing PowerMac G4 Server line-up. MacWelt notes that the difference between the 266 DDR RAM and the 133Mhz motherboard is apparently less of a bottleneck than expected. They were a bit disappointed by the build quality of Apple's new 1U baby. Further tests, concentrating on server tasks and administration, will be posted later in the week.

"eMac évaluation"

French Mac mag SVM:Mac published a review of the eMac. SVM likes the bigger screen size of the eMac, the return of "real" audio ports and the fact that the all-in-one Mac has Apple Pro Speakers inside. It also gets good marks for performance. On the other hand, they really think Apple should throw in the tilt-and-swivel stand for free. The € 80 price Apple is asking is simply too high for SVM.

UK government goes IM, Redmond-style

The British government has added access to its UKonline portal to MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger users can add a new tab to their Messenger window that allows them to directly visit to the UKonline site, the site of #10 Downing Street (the prime minister's official residence) and the National Health Service's NHS Direct portal. Government officials were keen to point out that the initiative would not remain limited to just MSN, and that they expected other instant messaging services like AOL and Yahoo to follow track. "Microsoft was able to respond to our needs more quickly than other vendors," MacUser UK was told. In the past, the UK government's e-Envoy online government project has come under fire for partnering with Microsoft. If the public responds positively to the initiative, the project will be expanded to other interactive media like digital TV.

Other Mac news

The Norwegian government shows life without the Beast from Redmond is possible and has cancelled its contract with Microsoft, calling it an "unlucky" choice.

Evoia released a German version of the Carrara Studio 2.0 3D suite.

TMO offers a regular round-up of Apple-related news from Europe, courtesy of the editor of our European Desk, Tom Terryn.

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