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O'Reilly Now Shipping "Amazon Hacks" Book

O'Reilly Now Shipping "Amazon Hacks" Book

by , 6:00 PM EDT, August 21st, 2003

O'Reilly & Associates has published a new book examining the gargantua of the Internet, Amazon, in Amazon Hacks. Written by Paul Bausch, the book desconstructs the inner workings of the popular site, and provides readers a resource for improved use. According to O'Reilly & Associates:

"The largest river in the whole world!" exclaims Benito Garral to his friend Manoel Valdez as they anticipate their journey down the Amazon in Jules Verne's spirited novel "Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon."

Mention "Amazon" today and most people will think of something quite different. As Paul Bausch, author of "Amazon Hacks", "The common conception is that is a Web-based bookstore. While that's true, once you begin to look beneath the surface a bit, you realize that Amazon is really a complex Web application."

The latest addition to O'Reilly's popular Hacks series shows Amazon readers of every level how to tap into the vast power that Amazon offers. Through its collection of industrial-strength tips and tools, the book helps readers get the most out of, including how to:

  • Find just the product you're after among the millions available at Amazon
  • Access, control, and fine-tune your Amazon preferences, recommendations, and information
  • Participate in the growing Amazon community and integrate Amazon features into your own Web site
  • Become an Amazon Associate, develop your own online storefront, and hone your recommendations for better linking and higher referral fees
  • Sell products online using Amazon's billing, inventory, and marketing infrastructure
  • Build full-scale desktop and server applications on Amazon's Web Services API

You can find more information about Amazon Hacks at the O'Reilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$24.95.

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