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SiK, Inc. Announces Two New iPod Accessories

SiK, Inc. Announces Two New iPod Accessories

by , 5:00 PM EST, December 8th, 2003

SiK, Inc. is now taking orders for two new iPod accessories, imp and FireJuice. imp is a device designed for connecting an iPod to an automobile cigarette lighter socket. FireJuice is a device designed for connecting FireWire devices on un-powered FireWire ports. According to Sik:

SiK, Inc., a leading provider of innovative iPod accessories, announced today that it is accepting pre-orders for imp(TM) and FireJuice(TM) for iPod with Dock Connector.

About imp

iPod car charger with line level audio output for iPod with Dock Connector. imp's unique design offers unmatched flexibility for using your iPod on the go. imp provides unadulterated line level audio output and charging when used with iPod with Dock Connector.

imp's line level audio output functions whether or not power is supplied for those occasions when you would rather power a device other than iPod from your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. A standard 6-pin FireWire connector is included for owners of previous generation iPods (with FireWire port on top.)

About FireJuice

SiK's patented multi-mode FireWire power injector. Makes possible the use of bus-powered devices on computers with un-powered FireWire ports. FireJuice for iPod with Dock Connector is available in both 4 and 6 pin versions.

You can find more information about imp and FireJuice at the SiK, Inc. Web site. imp is available for US$25.95, and FireJuice is available for US$33.95.

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