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  • 3GHz Mac Pro Fares Well in Benchmarks

    Apple's new high-end 3GHz Mac Pro blew away the competition in the benchmarks recently released by Macworld. It earned the…

  • VMware Coming to the Mac

    VMware announced on Monday that it plans to release a Mac version of its virtualization software. VMware lets you run…

  • OpenOffice Expected to Go OS X Native Next Month

    OpenOffice, the free open source alternative to Microsoft Office, is expected to be available in a native Mac OS X…

  • Woz Prepping for South Pole Trip

    Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, will be ditching his Segway temporarily to drive a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Hummer to the South…

  • Too Soon To Zune

    The purported Zune device has a 3" screen, a circular navigation controller, a hard drive, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which,…

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  • Apple Posts Holiday Hours

    Apple Computer has published the holiday schedule for its U.S. retail stores. Most stores will be closed on Thursday, November…

  • Apple Revamps Presence in Russia

    Apple Computer's business representative in the Russian Federation, Apple IMC Russia, is working on reorganizing its business to better handle…

  • Making Your Own Google Alerts

    Google is great because you can use it to find nearly anything you want on the Internet. It gets even…

  • The iMac's Limited VESA Support

    One of the features that Apple touted when it first released the iMac G5 was that it supported VESA-compliant mounting…

  • Groupcal 3.7 Improves Exchange Compatibility

    Snerdware announced the immediate availability of Groupcal 3.7, an update to the Exchange server compatibility add-on for iCal, on Tuesday.

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