Adesso Introduces New Graphics Tablets Line

Adesso entered the graphics tablet market Tuesday with the introduction of its CyberTablet line of devices.

At the high-end, the CyberTablet 12000 is an ergonomically designed wireless tablet with a 12x9-inch work space that will sell for $169.99. The mid-range CyberTablet 8600 features an 8x6-inch drawing area and costs $129.99, while the entry level CyberTablet 6400 is a 6x4.5-inch tablet that carries a $69.99 price tag.

All three tablets offer 512-levels of pressure sensitive input points, wireless two-button pens with 0.42mm of accuracy and a 0.32 inch reading height supporting up to 3048 lines per inch, and two button scroll mice.

CyberTablets will start shipping later this month.

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