Apple Hot Deals Update: Books, Displays, New Products At Apple Store

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Apple has updated the Hot Deals page for OiReillyis and the Apple Store, as well as another partial update for MacConnection at the Macintosh Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is a list of Mac compatible hardware and software products on the market. The Hot Deals section of the Product Guide features several Mac retailers and special offers that one can only get, at least in theory, at the Hot Deals page.

The OiReallyis Hot Deals page has six books listed, including two Missing Manuals, a Cocoa book, a hack book, an Office v.X manual, and David Pogueis Switcher book. You can find the OiReillyis Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

Next we have the Apple Storeis Hot Deals page. It seems that Apple has added some new products to the Apple Store, and is pushing them through the Hot Deals page. The new products are an 80 GB FireLite drive, the Kensington WiFi finder, Macromedia Contributor 2, and a Klipsch speaker system. You can find the Apple Store Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site. Note that this addition to the Apple Store Hot Deals page was added to the bottom of the page itself, so scroll down.

The MacConnection Hot Deals page received a partial update, as some of the additions from last week are still listed. The new additions are also at the bottom of the page, and include an offer on a Formac display, a "convertible backpack," and a backup system. You can find the MacConnection Hot Deals page at Appleis Web site.

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