Fast DVD Copy 4 Adds Rip Only, Rip & Compress Modes

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Velan Software has released Fast DVD Copy 4, the latest version of its software for burning backup copies of DVD videos, audio CDs, PlayStation 2 games and data DVDs and CDs. This update adds two new modes -- Rip Only and Rip & Compress -- that enable users to test the resulting VIDEO_TS folder before burning a copy of it or to store the content from several discs on a hard drive for later compressing and burning.

Fast DVD Copy 4 can copy a complete dual-layer DVD movie, or a PlayStation 2 game, to single layer DVD+/-R(W) media. It strips CSS encryption and Macrovision protection, creates region-free movies and allows users to copy everything from a disc or just specific items. Itis also compatible with iDVD. This is a free upgrade for owners of versions 1.x, 2.x or 3.x; the full software is US$99.95. It requires Mac OS X v10.2.x or higher, an Apple SuperDrive or compatible DVD burner and 17GB of free hard drive space.

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