FileMaker Pro Filter Updated

Waves in Motion has released a new FileMaker Pro filter plug-in, the oAzium Portal Filter. oAzium allows FileMaker users to easily search and filter database fields, providing a more powerful FileMaker experience. According to Waves in Motion:

Waves In Motion, L.L.C. has released oAzium Portal Filter, making information display within your FileMaker Pro database more powerful!

Normally, to add this functionality to your solutions, a developer would have to add a complex calculation and even then it would have some inherent limitations. But the oAzium Portal Filter plug-in takes care of all of this for you... one calculation and your on your way to making your user experience powerful, useful and very easy to debug and extend.

The Plug-In requires either the Macintosh or Windows version of FileMaker Pro, the award winning database from FileMaker, Inc. The Portal Filter plug-in lets you add a "Filter" field to your layout and have your portals update on the fly to show rows that match that filter. Itis like searching the portal instantly!

You can control exactly how your filter works. Have it match any word or a whole field. You can also make begins-with, contains, ends-with or exact-match filters. With a little work, you can even make a filter where the user chooses among these options.

oAzium Portal Filter can filter by:

  • exact words
  • words that begin with...
  • words that contain...
  • words that end with...
  • fields that begin with...
  • fields that contain...
  • fields that end with...

Again with a little work some very powerful things can be done with this plug-in. Great examples are provided for you to explore the new features. Start making your FileMaker user experience much more powerful.

The oAzium Portal Filter is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Waves in Motion web site.

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