Get Up, Stretch, Go For A Walk…Take A Break.  Now. has updated their work-break reminder program, MacBreakZ!, to version 2.7. MacBreakZ! remindes users to take some time away from their computer, enjoy some sunshine, rest their eyes, and help avoid a world of problems associated with excessive continuous computer usage. According to PublicSpace: is pleased to announce the release of version 2.7 of "MacBreakZ!".

MacBreakZ! is a personal ergonomic assistant which monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and helps you structure your computer use in a healthy manner which prevents computer-related injuries from developing.

This latest release introduces many new enhancements to the "microbreaks" feature.

Regularly priced at US$24.99, MacBreakZ! will be available for US$9.99 through Monday, September 18th. You can find more information at the web site.

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