Griffin Tech Updates gPort Line With 10.2 Support

Griffin Technology, Inc. has released an update for the entire line of gPort Serial Adapters, bringing them to 1.2. The adapters are drivers designed for connecting serial port devices to a users system. The latest version features support for OS 10.2. According to Griffin Technology:

Griffin Technology, Inc. has released OS X Software version 1.2 for its entire line of gPort Serial Adapters, including the popular g4Port. Just in time for the international release of Apple’s newest operation system OS 10.2, this release brings complete compatibility to the new OS and further enhances performance and stability of all gPort devices.

Griffin’s gPort Serial Adapters adds an internal "board level" serial port to Apple PowerMacs, Cubes and CRT iMacs. This allows users continued access to their favorite serial port devices such as modems, printers, etc. The gPort OS X Software version 1.2 is a complete rewrite of the driver that provides improved stability and works more reliably when upgrading the OS.

You can find more information about the gPort Serial Adapters update at the Griffin Technology, Inc. Web site. The gPort Serial Adapters are available as freeware.

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