LA Times Columnist, Jim Heid, Grades OS X’s Usefulness

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LA Times columinst, Jim Heid, gives OS X a B-. Jim Heid, Apple technology columinsts for the LA Times and contributing editor for Macworld magazine, takes a look at OS X to see how well it fits in the areas where the Mac OS has been known to excel. Mr. Heid writes:

How can you tell whether OS X is for you? Start by determining whether the programs you need are available in native OS X form. Hereis an end-of-year report card that grades how well OS X addresses each major program category.

Mr. Heid lists 8 catagories covering the business aspects of using a Mac and the average grade works out to be a B-. Mr. Heid concludes:

The bottom line: For many of the niches where the Mac is popular, the transition to OS X will take more time. But for mainstream business and Internet use, OS X has reached its stride. Iim using OS X daily, and Iim restarting under OS 9 less often all the time.

Check out the article at the LA Times online.

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