MGL And MacLotto Offer Up "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force"

MacGameris Ledge and MacLotto have teamed up to do what MacLotto does best; give stuff away. Two lucky winners will instantly win at the MacLotto web site today and tomorrow, September 20-21st, 2000. According to MacLotto: and MacGameris Ledge are teaming up to give away iStar Trek Voyager: Elite Forcei today at Two random players of the regular daily game will instantly win iStar Trek Voyager: Elite Forcei, the highly anticipated upcoming first-person shooter title.

The prizes will be awarded instantly to two entrants of the regular September 20-21, 2000 game session. To enter, a player must simply register (free) and choose six numbers from the Play Card. Users who match drawn numbers later in the day will also win other Macintosh-related prizes, including a new Apple iMac DV+!

You can find more information, and register to win, at the MacLotto web site.

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