Newer Tech. PowerBook Upgrades Now With FireWire

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Newer Technology, manufacturer of Macintosh CPU upgrade technology, brings FireWire to their PowerBook CPU upgrades. For a limited time, Newer is bundling their CardBus FireWire 2 Go card with each PowerBook CPU upgrade for 1998 & 1999 PowerBook G3 computers. According to Newer:

The bundle brings the upgraded notebook to nearly equal status with a new 2000 PowerBook G3, but at a fraction of the cost. The MAXpowr G3-PB CPU upgrades are compatible with OS 8.x, 9.x and the OS X Public Beta.

Terry Unrein, CPU Product Manager, says, "We worked hard to maintain our existing pricing, despite the bundling of the FireWire card with the upgrades.

The MAXpowr G3-PB 458 is available for US$549 price while the MAXpowr G3-PB 466 retains its US$599 price. You can find more information about the upgrades at Neweris Web site.

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