OS X Compatible Graphical Scientific App Updated

Calerga has released a preview version of their graphical based scientific application, SysQuake 2 LE. SysQuake allows users to better understand complex systems by creating detailed and complex graphical representations of those systems. According to Calerga:

Calerga is proud to announce a new prerelease of SysQuake 2 LE for Mac OS X/9 and Windows. SysQuake is a ground-breaking scientific application for understanding and designing complex systems by the use of interactive graphics. SysQuake 2 adds libraries of functions, an easier programming model for simple problems, multiple documents and a built-in text editor (on Mac OS), plus many other enhancements. The new prerelease, an answer to the feedback of beta-testers, adds some refinements and bug fixes. SysQuake 2 LE is the free version of SysQuake 2.

SysQuake 2 LE is available for free. You can find more information at the Calerga Web site.

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