Quicksilver Power Mac G4 Taken to New Limits

In a quest to silence a QuicKSilver Power Mac G4 as much as possible, one intrepid Mac user carved a number of holes in the case to increase cooling, only to realize later that a noisy CPU fan was to blame for the less-than-silent operation.

Sean Rose posted a detailed gallery of his QuickSilver carving thatis both interesting and informative.


If thatis not enough for your eyes, be sure to check out his extensive galleries (part 1 and part 2) that detail his efforts to put a PC in a QuickSilver case. As Mr. Rose writes at the end of the first conversion: "The finale. XP running Apple iTunes on a PC in a Mac case. Whatis the world coming to?" We couldnit have said it better.

Kudos to HardMac for the tip.

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