SmartWrap Text App Gets An Upgrade

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an upgrade for SmartWrap, bringing it to version 2.2.2. SmartWrap is a text wrapping app designed for Web developers. The upgrade has several bug fixes and performance enhancements. According to Selznick Scientific Software, LLC:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is pleased to announce an update for its popular SmartWrap(tm) software for Macintosh to version 2.2.2.


  • The SmartWrap(tm) Service for MacOS X may now be invoked by command-shift-A, so long as that key combination is not in use by the current application
  • Fixed problems with some International text
  • Re-implemented MacOS 8 compatibility
  • The installer will now attempt to quit all relevant applications before beginning the install
  • Font information now stripped from SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard
  • Changed messages for old MacOS users. Wraps are performed, just not displayed on very old systems in SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard
  • The Scripting Addition X will now be installed in Home/Library/ScriptingAdditions. Useris needing it in a system-wide location should copy it from this location to where they need it
  • Wrapping some lists better

You can find more information about the SmartWrap uprade at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. SmartWrap 2.2.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$9.95.

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