Software & Hardware Tracker Updated With Filemaker Pro 5.5

DXoft has released an update for Software & Hardware Tracker, bringing it to version 4.1.4. Software & Hardware Tracker is a relational database collection designed for the storing of registration codes, serial numbers, and other info about a useris computer products. The update features updated technical specs and FileMaker Pro version 5.5. According to DXoft:

Software & Hardware Tracker 4.1.4 is now available.

Software & Hardware Tracker is a collection of FileMaker Pro 5.x relational databases which will help you store and organize useful information (such as registration codes, serial numbers, product notes, etc.) about all your computer products (hardware and software).

The 4.1.4 is an update for Software & Hardware Tracker 4 users and resolves several minor issues in the original 4.x releases.

Main changes in version 4.1.4:

  • The program has been updated to take into account new technical specifications, such as FireWire 800, Serial ATA or Bluetooth, as well as the different kinds of wireless networking standards currently available (802.11a, 802.11b or 802.11g.)
  • Software & Hardware Tracker now includes version 5.5 of the FileMaker Pro runtime application. When used with the Classic version of the runtime application, the program operates on Mac OS 8.1 through Mac OS 9.x. When used with the Mac OS X version of the runtime application, it operates natively on Mac OS X (version 10.0.4 or later) with no dependence on the Classic environment.

You can find more information about the Software & Hardware Tracker update at the DXoft Web site. Software & Hardware Tracker 4.1.4 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.

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