SoundJam Adds Ability To Stream Internet Broadcasts

Casady & Greene has announced that their wildly popular, full-featured MP3 player and encoder, SoundJam MP, to version 2.5.1. Among the enhancements in the new version is the addition of the ability to play internet broadcasts. According to Casady & Greene:

Casady & Greene, Inc., publishers of award-winning software since 1984, announced major improvements to their top-rated MP3 software programs, SoundJam MP Plus and SoundJam MP Free, for the Macintosh. The number-one rated Macintosh MP3 product, SoundJam MP Plus, has once again raised the features bar by adding internet broadcasting, internet stream tuning, additional encoder improvements, and additional low bit-rate support for the new portable MP3 audio players, as well as dramatically improving playlist capabilities.

The latest SoundJam MP Plus Changes:

  • Added Internet Broadcasting
  • Added Internet Stream Tuner
  • Significant improvements to MP3 Encoder
  • Improved hardware support for Portable MP3 audio players
  • Improved Playlists
  • Improved Streaming
  • General Changes

SoundJam MP Plus is available for US$39.95, while the regular version is available for free. You can find more information at the SoundJam MP web site.

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