VST Drops Prices On FireWire Hard Drives

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Dave Bonfiglio of SmartDisk/VST Technologies dropped us a note saying that the company has dropped prices on their FireWire hard drive product lines. The company has cut prices on their slimline FireWire drives, their FireWire/USB combo drives, and their FireWire RAID solutions. According to VST:

SmartDisk has lowered suggested retail prices $40 to $100 on VST ultra-thin FireWire Hard Drives to make them easier to own. The Portable FireWire 120GB RAID Tower is re-priced $1,000 lower.

Graphite color
Thin FW drive
10GB $399.95 $329.95
20GB $549.95 $469.95
30GB $899.95 $799.95
6GB USB/FW $399.95 $329.95
10GB USB/FW $399.95 $359.95
20GB USB/FW $549.95 $499.95
30GB USB/FW $949.95 $849.95
40GB FW RAID $1,999.95 $1,749.95
80GB FW RAID $2,599.95 $2,399.95
120GB FW RAID $4,499.95 $3,499.95

We like price cuts. The products are available now and you can find more information at VSTis Web site.

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