VST Music Loop Editing Plug-In Released

MacMusic and Dragan Petrovic has released a new VST music plug-in, R-Mix. The new plug-in allows users to easily edit loops while also providing some basic remixing options. According to MacMusic:

Never tired, Dragan Petrovic (now known as PolyFractus), juste released R-Mix, a new VST plug-in.

R-Mix is a real-time loop editing tool with some functions to remix audio. It loops sounds up to 20 seconds with triggering and phase cancelation.

Compatible with any Macintosh software using Steinberg-VST technology. Tested softwares: Emagic - Logic Audio Platinum, Steinberg - Cubase VST, TC - Spark, Bias -Peak.

The R-Mix 1.0b plug-in is currently available for free. You can find more information at the MacMusic Web site.

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