Washington Post On iMac: "It Was Eerie: Everything Just Worked"

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Apple recently updated its line of consumer computers; first, the iBooks got a much needed refresh with G4 processors and a rather distinguished facelift, then the iMac got a speed bump and a new high-end model that sports a 20" screen. The low-end iMac is nothing to sniff at, it has a 1GHZ G4 processor and other nice updates. The Washington Post reviewed the 15" iMac and posted some generally favorable remarks. Hereis a bit of that review:

Throughout, this model lived up to Appleis ease-of-use pitch. It was eerie: Everything just worked, an experience that has eluded me in several years of reviewing desktop PCs.

The only real irritation in day-to-day use was the AppleWorks 6 word processor, which garbled many Microsoft Word files. A bundled 30-day trial version of Microsoftis Office v.X for Mac, meanwhile, canit print and hassles you to buy the real thing -- $150 at the "Student and Teacher Edition" discount, $400 otherwise.

Read the full review at The Washington Post Web site.

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