AAPL Q3 2014 Earnings Report Set for July 22

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Apple will host its third fiscal quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday, July 22. The iPhone and iPad maker will announce its quarterly earnings numbers after the market closes, and The Mac Observer will be at the ready with our usual event coverage.

Apple's Q3 earnings report scheduled to July 22Apple's Q3 earnings report scheduled to July 22

Apple hasn't rolled out any major product updates yet this year, nor has it introduced any new product categories -- meaning the rumored iWatch still hasn't been announced. At this point, it seems likely that any new product announcements will come after the quarterly earnings report.

This will be Apple's first quarterly earnings report since its 7-to-1 stock split.

Apple's second quarter revenue came in at US$45.6 billion with $10.2 billion in earnings. The company sold 43.7 million iPhones, 16.4 million iPads, and 4.1 million Macs during the quarter.

Be sure to check in with TMO on July 22 for our Q3 earnings report coverage and analysis. The live conference call should start just after 2PM pacific time (5PM eastern time).

Apple is currently trading at $93.79, up 0.27 (0.29%).



it’s a safe bet we’ll get to hear questions from analysts about Apple’s wearable tech plans. The odds are pretty good someone will ask about an Apple television. Again.

Because some “analysts” want to project AAPL earnings based on sensational speculation about sales of imagined products, rather than on past earnings, sales of existing products and categories and company guidance. You will know them by the questions they ask.


The “Apple Fail” articles have already be written. Just waiting for a number or 2 and then hit the publish button.

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