ActionSoft’s Insectoid Offers Old School Arcade Action On Your Mac

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ActionSoft this week released Insectoid, a game for Mac and PC that hearkens back to the days of Galaga, Galaxian, and other old school arcade shooters. It offers 50 levels of fast-paced gameplay against swarms of angry insect-like alien ships.

Players pilot one of four custom ships, with a variety of power-ups and special weapons at their disposal, such as laser beam, fireball, shield, and the ever-popular split ship. Three difficulty levels are included.

Insectoid is free to try. It costs US$19.95 and requires Mac OS X version 10.4, a 1.2GHz Intel or PowerPC processor (1.8GHz recommended), and 160MB of free RAM.

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I can’t wait to taste some of that old school arcade feeling on my brand new macbook. My buddies from frat days will get a kick from it at our next college alumni meeting.

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