Apple Back to School Promo Includes $100 Gift Card Deals

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Apple kicked off its annual Back to School deals on Tuesday for educational buyers and includes iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore gift cards worth up to US$100 with new Mac, iPhone and iPad purchases. The special deals are available now and run through September 6, 2013.

Apple's Back to School promo includes $100 iTunes gift cardsApple's Back to School promo includes $100 iTunes gift cards

A promotional email sent to Apple customers stated,

Buy a Mac for college and get a $100 gift card to spend on apps and more — and also save with education pricing. Or buy an iPad or iPhone and get a $50 card.

Qualifying products include Macs other than the Mac mini, plus the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, and the iPad 2, fourth generation iPad, and iPad mini.



Not that we really expected them before, but I bet this confirms no new iPhones or iPads before September 6th.

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