Apple Contingent Marches in Pride Parade

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Apple represented in rather impressive fashion at San Francisco's 44th annual Pride Parade on Sunday.

Tim Cook himself tweeted a photo of 5000 Apple employees and families marching in the Parade. Tim Cook was not one of those marching, but he did hang out beforehand and pose for a number of photos with those marching, even wearing a special tshirt with a stylized Apple logo that says "Pride" underneath it. That same logo was on the iTunes cards the Apple group handed out along the parade route that were worth a free song on iTunes.

(Reminder here about how Tim Cook has not publicly confirmed or denied any sort of tendency.)



This is why i love Apple, they don’t only make products that work and look great. They also give about the environment/nature and sometimes say what they think about certain political issues. I also like that Tim Cook hasn’t “come out”. In a utopia people wouldn’t need to come out. People act like they want and nobody would ask or says something about it.

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