Apple Expands In-Store Trade-In Program to iPads and More

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Apple has expanded its trade-in and recycling programs to include iPads and all other Apple products, as of today. Only iPhones and iPods with resale value were accepted for the trade-in program before today, but the Associated Press reported that anything Apple is now accepted, though only resellable items will get gift cards.

Recycling electronics, from

Apple’s online recycling page states that the company will accept any brand of mobile phone if you want to send it in (you’ll receive a prepaid mailer or a printable label). There are also links to local recycling programs in 18 states as well as links to programs in other regions of the world.

For those who accumulate tech, this is a good way to help remove some of it from that drawer or box where it just takes up space, just in time for spring cleaning. And getting to take anything to the Apple store makes it even more convenient for folks who have them nearby. Hopefully the incentive of a gift card will make it a little easier to get rid of that iPhone or iPad that didn’t get bestowed upon a family member.



Happy Earth Day Kelly, and Happy Earth Day and Thank You for Apple.

I’ve been wondering what to do with my old Powerbook G3 and my old iMac G5 - with power PC processors.  Amazingly, both are still functional! 

And then there’s my old Powerbook 5300, which also still runs (only using the AC adapter, as the battery is gone), that I will keep as my very first Mac and a tribute to how to build stuff that lasts.  Good for the Earth!

Kelly Guimont

@MacFrogger I’m curious, what are you doing with those machines? I did eventually get rid of my PowerBook 1400 because I couldn’t find a use anymore so I had to let it go. I was sad, but it was repurposed in a new home. It could still be running today for all I know. smile

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