Apple Expands iTunes U in Europe, Asia

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Even more people have access to iTunes U content throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America as of Tuesday because Apple has expanded availability of iBooks multi-touch textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager into more regions in those markets. According to Apple, iBooks textbooks are now available in 51 countries and iTunes U Course Manager is available in 70 countries.

Apple adds more countries for iBooks textbooks, iTunes U Course ManagerApple adds more countries for iBooks textbooks, iTunes U Course Manager

New to the list of countries with access to iBooks textbooks are Japan, Italy and Brazil, and iTunes U Course Manager is now available in Russia, Thailand and Malaysia, among others.

iBooks textbooks offer multimedia educational content on the iPad, and currently there are nearly 25,000 titles available from publishers, educators, and schools. iTunes Course Manager lets teachers manage and share their classes -- both lectures and documents -- with students via the Internet.

According to Apple, "iBooks Textbooks now cover 100 percent of US high school core curriculum and the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) core curriculum in the UK."

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