Apple iPhone Ads are All About Emotion

Apple released a new iPhone commercial on Thursday that's takes a slightly different approach at showing off its smartphone, but still does what the company's ads are targeting: Eliciting an emotional response.

Apple's iPhone ads go for the heart, not processor speedApple's iPhone ads go for the heart, not tech specs

The latest iPhone commercial highlights just the camera, but instead of focusing on megapixels it shows how smartphone photography has become a part of our every day life through a series of quick shots showing parents snapping videos of their kids, friends taking photos at parties, hikers photographing each other in a field, boys videoing their skateboard skills, and more.

Without using words, Apple managed to show off the iPhone camera's features such as photo and video capture, the built-in flash, the panorama tool, and the image crop tool. Apple also showed the iPhone as a personal tool for capturing our memories, and then showed how that same iPhone let people relive those special moments.

What Apple gets is that it isn't about what processor drives your technology, or how many megapixels your camera has. Instead, it's about how technology changes out lives and empowers us, and it's about making that technology so accessible that we use it without even thinking about it.

While companies like Samsung run ads touting screen size and styluses, Apple continues to market to consumer's hearts and -- regardless of whether or not you like Apple's ad style -- consumers seem to be getting the message.

You can check out the new Photos Every Day iPhone commercial at the Apple website.