Apple Products Slated To Return To Costco Warehouses

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Four years ago, Apple's iPods and gift cards slowly disappeared from Costco, but are going to make a comeback. According to MacRumors, an internal company memo said that iPhones and iPads are returning to the warehouse chain, while separate sources said that gift cards are already reappearing.

Dan Brettler is the CEO of Wireless Advocates (as well as Car Toys), which handles the wireless sales in Costco warehouses. He sent an email to employees alerting them this was happening. From the email:

This partnership will bring a top selling line-up of Apple products to Costco members including the iPhone and embedded iPads. As Costco's solution for wireless devices and services, we are proud to be a part of this new partnership and incorporate Apple products into our already strong product line-up in Costco.

There's no announced timeline for when the iPhones and iPads will be available, but there are reports that iTunes gift cards are already appearing in some stores, and that iPods and iPad Airs (Wi-Fi models) are showing up in Costco's inventory systems.


Lee Dronick

There wasn’t too big of a discount on the gift cards, but it was nice to get it. If I remember correctly it was 10%.


At Sam’s Club there is a similar discount usually around 10-12%. There are certain times each year that discount goes up to 20%. We buy at those times.

Eric Byrne

I can confirm seeing $100 iTunes gift cards for $85 at the Costco in Santa Clarita, California on June 12, 2014.

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