Apple Reportedly 'Seals Deal' on on 777,000 Square Foot Landmark Campus

Apple has "sealed a deal" for a large 777,000 square foot office complex to serve as yet another major campus for the company. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Apple has closed a deal with Landbank Investments LLC for an already-approved project at Central Expressway and Wolfe Road in Sunnyvale, CA.

Rendering of Campus

This is a rendering of the already-approved project by architectural firm HOK

The space could house some 3,000 employees, and is addition to numerous other real estate deals Apple has signed in the last two years. It's also in addition to Apple Campus 2.0, which is under construction now in Cupertino.

The campus as-approved was designed to be a landmark, and has three connected buildings with glass walls that radiate from a central courtyard. Reporting for the Business Journal, Nathan Donato-Weinstein said it wasn't clear if the project would be built as approved or modified in some way for Apple.

Land is the big deal for companies in Silicon Valley. Apple likes to have a say in architecture when it can, but this project is pretty spiffy looking in the renderings developed by HOK. Time will tell on the final building.

There are several other images of the building in the Business Journal piece. Definitely check them out.