Apple Rolls Out Massive iTunes Movie Discounts

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Apple is enticing iTunes Store customers in the United States with several sharply discounted movie bundles. The bundles include special deals on movie series such as the complete Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series for US$9.99 each.

The entire Harry Potter series for $9.99? Yes, please.The entire Harry Potter series for $9.99? Yes, please.

The series in the movie bundles offer includes The Matrix for $9.99, Star Trek for $49.99, Back to the Future for $19.99, Die Hard for $39.99, Lethal Weapon for $9.99, X-Men for $24.99, and more. The bundle deals include HD versions of the movies, too.

Apple isn't saying how long these special deals will be available, so don't procrastinate or you may miss out on the discounts.

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Larry Rice

So far, iTunes is telling me this isn’t available in the US store….


Use this one:


Weird. I am seeing the message ...

Purchase of this item is not currently available.
This item is being modified. Please try again later.

Tom Schmidt

The Harry Potter series at $9.99 appears to have been an error. Now showing as $59.99.


But if you go to the detail page it’s $9.99. I just quit and restarted iTunes and it still shows as $9.99.

The $59.99 is on the overview list.


This would be great except the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition is not what one gets.
I already have them, but if I could get the digital copy I would certainly pay 10 bucks to have all 3 in digital format.


And, strangely, it indicates that the purchase is done, by asking if I’d like to download the first movie. Only then does it give the error message.

Jeff Gamet

Apple changed something in the movie URLs so they weren’t showing the right prices. Use the movie bundle link to get the discounts. I downloaded the Hairy Potter series to test, and my hard drive now has all of the movies tucked away for $10.


I got the same message for Matrix Trilogy.
Went to buy it, it asked if I wanted to download the first movie so I said later, and then I got an error message.


Just a few weeks ago I got Harry Potter for 60…. grrrr.


I use the link to get the page with discounted price but, after confirming that I want to buy, the error message comes back when I try to download.

Brian Olson

I just tried with the bundle link. Still no dice. I get the same error as vpndev.


This is the message I got when I bought Austin Powers. And said download later.
“This item is being modified. Please try again later.”


I think Apple has a lot of unhappy customers right now. This is an uncommon screwup.


The discount link now takes you to a detail page at $59.99 :(

Not happy. Not going to buy. Bad form, Apple !


What I can’t figure out is if the purchases actually happened or not.
They seemed to go through, but then I can’t currently download anything and nothing shows up as purchased on my apple TV.

I suppose I will have to wait until this evening once the mixup gets fixed.


Don’t seem to have happened. I don’t see anything in “Purchases”.


Jeff Gamet

When I purchased the Harry Potter series I chose to download immediately. That worked fine, and it looks like I was charged $10. Just FYI.


I tried many, many times as it said to try later.

Wasted a couple of hours. Not happy. Not happy at all.


Yep. Seems to be nonsense. I just checked it out and Harry Potter is $59.99. Can you post a screenshot of the $9.99 price?


Don’t have a screenshot, unfortunately.


$59.99 hereā€¦.


$17.99 for LOTR.


Why are my comments not showing up all of the sudden? I have submitted 2 and neither showed up?


Yep the prices are back up where they have been before using the link. Harry potter is 60 which is what I paid a couple months ago.

When I tried to buy, both matrix and austin powers were 9.99.
When I clicked buy. Then it asked if I wanted to download or do it later. I clicked later.
Now I don’t have the movies and it hasn’t registered my purchase. I kind of feel a bit miffed and ripped off. Great deal when I agreed to the price and clicked it. Seems like they should give me what I ordered for the price it was listed at the time and that I agreed to pay.


I’m kind of irritated at this. When I clicked to purchase my 2 items the price was clearly marked 9.99.
I clicked to buy when the price was clearly marked 9,99 and I selected to download later.
Yet the transaction got interrupted and the purchase was ejected somehow. Even though it seemed to go through.

I own copies of the matrix trilogy and austin powers trilogy already. I was hoping to update with digital copies of each and the 9.99 price made me want to jump on it. Now they are marked higher, my transaction was nullified, and I feel a bit ripped by this whole silly affair.

Not only that, but I forwarded this to about 20 other people who all think I am wasting their time.


Ah.. last 2 were my comments from earlier in the day. They were done with Safari, but they work with Firefox??? Funny.

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

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