Apple Sued for Infringing on AT&T Wi-Fi Patent

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Apple has been hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from a company named Wyncomm, for allegedly infringing on a Wi-Fi patent that until recently belonged to AT&T. The patent describes a system where data is transmitted over a Wi-Fi network while voice communication is happening on the same device -- or carrying on a phone conversation while surfing the Web.

Wyncomm sues Apple for infringing on Wi-Fi and voice patentWyncomm sues Apple for infringing on Wi-Fi and voice patent

The patent in question is number 5,506,866, and it isn't clear exactly how it managed to pass hands from AT&T to what otherwise appears to be nothing more than a patent holding company. Wyncomm alleged Apple is willfully infringing on the patent, which opens the door for potentially triple damages should the court rule against the iPhone and iPad maker, according to Patently Apple.

Apple's iPhone does support accessing the Internet while on a voice call, just like many other smartphones on the market. Wyncomm is, at least for now, singling out Apple and its combination iPod and smartphone.

Surprisingly, Wyncomm filed its case in the Delaware District Court in New Castle. Most companies that are just patent trolls holders gravitate to District Court in Texas where there's a pattern of favoring patent holders.

Apple hasn't commented on the case.


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bobs yer uncle

“You have to wonder if products like the iPhone would cost less if Apple and other companies didn’t have to spend so much money on infringement lawsuits from patent holding companies.”

Or if Apple would innovate instead of suing other smartphone manufacturers for the shape of a phone.

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