Apple Posts Safari Security Update for Mac and Windows

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On Thursday afternoon, Apple posted Safari Security Update (APPLE-SA-2010-03-11-1) for Mac and Windows bringing Safari to version 4.0.5.

Apple said, in part, “This update is recommended for all Safari users and includes improvements to performance, stability, and security including:

  • Performance improvements for Top Sites
  • Stability improvements for 3rd-party plug-ins
  • Stability improvements for websites with online forms and Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Fixes an issue that prevented Safari from changing settings on some Linksys routers
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some users from commenting on documents”

Apple noted that this software is subject to the original Software License Agreement which has been updated.

Technical information about the update including a list of CVE-IDs addressed can be found at Apple’s Security Update page.

The latest version of Safari for Mac can be downloaded via Mac OS X System Preferences -> Software Update or directly from Apple. A Mac restart will be required.

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Dave Hamilton

Finally they fixed whatever incompatibility cropped up between Safari and Linksys (and DD-WRT) routers. Nice to be able to edit those settings in Safari instead of having to launch Firefox just for that.

Now if only they could fix Safari so we could print USPS labels…


Now if only they could fix Safari so we could print USPS labels?

I print USPS labels in Safari relatively frequently, although I have had problems before.  You may try reinstalling Adobe reader, and having it install plugins as it installs.

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