CW Signs Content Deal for Apple TV

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CW has struck a deal with Apple to bring its shows to the Apple TV. The network already offers its content through iPhone and iPad apps the day after it airs on television, but with the new deal CW will offer content through a native Apple TV app.

CW: Coming to an Apple TV near youCW: Coming to an Apple TV near you

Mark Pedowitz, CW's CEO, announced the deal during a presentation on Thursday, according to Deadline. Along with iPhone and iPad, CW already offers its shows through Xbox and Windows 8.

CW won't require viewers to sign up for a subscription or prove they have a cable or satellite service contract, so anyone that wants to watch its shows can -- assuming they're willing to wait an extra day before they're available.

There isn't any word yet on when the CS app will appear on Apple TV.



The CW isn’t a cable channel. It’s a broadcast network, you can get it over the air.

Jeff Gamet

That’s true, but lots of people rely on cable for better reception. Giving them the channel through Apple TV is just another opportunity for people that have cable because they feel they need it, instead of want it, to consider going cable-free.


That’s one. Keep them coming…
Oh, and apps too. C’mon Apple, you can do it.


I only get CW on my cable. When I cut my cable after football season ends… CW goes away too… at least for me.

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