Google Beats Apple in Favorability Survey

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Google is the most well-liked tech company in the United States, according to a Langer Research survey last week for ABC News and The Washington Post (via CNN). Google beat out rivals Apple, Facebook, and Twitter to take the top spot in the American telephone survey, conducted April 1.

Top Tech Companies Favorability

Chart by The Mac Observer from Langer Research data.

Respondents gave an 82 percent favorable rating to the innovative search and advertising giant, beating out Apple’s 74 percent. Recent Instagram purchaser Facebook had a 58 percent favorability rating while Twitter ranked surprisingly low at 34 percent (however, Twitter also had the highest “don’t know” rating, 31 percent, indicating that the company is simply not yet well known enough for many respondents to draw a conclusion). 

Perhaps a sign of trouble for Apple, known for its fanatic consumers, was that only 37 percent favored the company “strongly,” with the remainder only “somewhat” favoring it. Google had a much higher “strong” favorability rating of 53 percent, indicating that its free services and software have overcome many concerns about its collection of user data. 

It remains to be seen if the recent public bashing that Apple took over working conditions at its primary supplier Foxconn has or will have a significantly negative impact on the brand’s favorability among the general public. On Tuesday, IHS iSuppli released a report predicting that major brands like Apple that outsource their manufacturing needs risk tarnishing their brand over working conditions at foreign factories.

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Interesting because in the last year my opinion of Google has dropped dramatically. I don’t care for their services and products and, more importantly, I don’t trust them any more.

Lee Dronick

Did they call cell phones?

Jim Tanous

Did they call cell phones?

Yes, a mix of cell phones and landlines.

Lee Dronick

I have never received a survey on my cell phones, but my landline is crammed with them.


I have never received a survey on my cell phones, but my landline is crammed with them.

For a while I got rid of all survey and marketing calls. My wife and I started competing as to who could act crazier. I told the cell company person “Are you mad? They will know I’m here”. My wife told a credit card caller “No because they use those magnetic stripes to control your mind”. And so fourth. We had some great stories.  After about a year the calls tapered off to nearly nothing. But Karma is a b****. When we moved up here we ended up working for a call center for a year or so (I did tech support, she did Customer Service) so we saw that end of it too.

Lee Dronick

I have PhoneValet installed on my iMac. One of the scripts I have is to read caller ID and if “survey” is in the name it answers with “Your survey is very important to us, please hold for the next available respondent…(plays elevator music)...Please continue to hold, your estimated wait time is 29 minutes…(plays more music)” then it hangs up. It will also answer with that message for known survey numbers in the database.


OMG, Google is beating Apple in search? The end is over!!!

Wait, Apple don’t work in the search business.

Ah, it is like Ford beating Microsoft in the automobile business.

Was this survey done April 1st? ahh..

The big question here is that search on desktop is ending slowly and google is desperate because they cannot figure out how to profit from mobile. The only significant profit google has is showing ads on IPHONE applications… ahha.

Google is a one-pony trick company.

Lee Dronick

Google is more than just a search engine, and maps. Gmail, Google Docs, and such. They are a well known name with a lot of customers.


OMG, Google is beating Apple in search? The end is over!!!

Nope.  Go back and read the first sentence again.
“Google is the most well-liked tech company in the United States..”
“Tech company,” Mike.  Not search.


Yet at 2.8 times the market cap of Google, Apple CLEARLY outshines Google with consumer stock buyers on the market.

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