iBooks for iOS Updated, Stays Skeuomorphic

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Apple released iBooks 3.1.3 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch late on Tuesday in preparation for the launch if iOS 7. While the update does improve iOS compatibility, it didn't drop its skeuomorphic look and is sticking with its wooden bookshelf interface.

iBooks sports the same old look, but it is iOS 7 compatibleiBooks sports the same old look, but it is iOS 7 compatible

The update notes also say version 3.1.3 improves iCloud compatibility, which most likely means better sync support for the upcoming release of iBooks for OS X as a part of Mavericks.

iBooks is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.



Or it could be that Apple just hasn’t found a better way to portray books than with this interface. In other words, everything else they’ve tried hasn’t worked or looked as good… Personally, trying to imagine other ways in my mind, and looking at, like Amazon’s Fire, and I think I prefer Apple’s…


The local Public Library uses metal shelves. Not a splinter/sliver of wood anywhere (in the shelving)

Lee Dronick

  Apple treats skeuomorphism like a rash, so it’s surprising to see that it’s still part of iBooks. That probably means there’s a really big update coming soon and that the current version of iBooks is getting little more than critical compatibility updates to keep in working until the complete redesign is ready to go.

Or maybe Apple understands that the people who read books are generally different from those who read command lines. Aesthetics are important to us who are visual.

Furbies, my bookshelfs at home are made from wood

Jared John Gregory Harvey

The library may use metal shelves, but the place I go to buy books uses wooden ones… I’d be sad to see the wood go. If it does, I’ll be trying my hardest to make sure that update doesn’t install…

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