iPhone Liberation Week, iFixit Swaps Out iPhone Screws Free

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In the spirit of Independence Day, iFixit has kicked off the second annual Liberation Week, giving away iPhone Liberation Kits for free. These kits include tools which allow you to replace the pentalobe screws holding your iPhone together with plain old Phillips screws instead, making it much easier to crack open as needed for repairs.


iPhone Liberation Kit

The iPhone Liberation Kit

This initiative is near and dear to iFixit's heart, being dubbed The Right To Repair. It is a simple idea, that you have the right to fix the things you own.

Last year iFixit gave out 1,776 kits (get it?) that went in fifteen minutes. This year they have 15,000 kits to mail out free for the asking, so go fill out your form and get your phone an upgrade!



They’re all gone.


You might give a mention to the dozens of sellers offering pentalobe screwdrivers and screws on eBay for very little money.


I like my Pentalobe screws.  Particularly on my Macbook Pro.  It makes it harder for would-be thieves to crack open and mess up.

It is easy to just get a Pentalobe screw driver.

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