“I’m On A Mac” Video Spoofs “I’m On A Boat”

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SwitchToMac.com has released a video called "I'm On A Mac" that spoofs parody video "I'm On A Boat," which was recorded by Andy Samberg and T-Pain for Saturday Night Live. The Mac fan-produced spoof comes complete with T-Pain-like Autotuned vocals from "PC-Pain" (as well as the same sort of profanity for those with sensitive ears).

In addition to the normal pro-Mac bragging one might expect, the song also includes a mention of emulation software Parallels ("Friend are jealous, 'cuz Parallels can run their [mostly bleeped]"), a clever commercial for the company, who is listed as a sponsor on SwitchToMac.com.

And without further ado, the video itself:


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Way better than Justin Long and John Hodgman. Way better.


Way better than Justin Long and John Hodgman. Way better.

For you, perhaps. However, as I dislike rap and don’t appreciate gratuitous profanity, this is not “way better” for me.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

As one of my hip-hop culture buddies said when I introduced him to “I’m On a Boat”, “I think they’re making fun of me, but it’s really catchy!”. Exactly.


My favorite line is “f*k right-click, multitouch m*f*”.  word.

And in general, I don’t like most rap, but this was worth watching.  It seems a lot of people are: it’s in the top-10 most watched videos on YouTube today.

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