iMainGo X, iPhone Case with Built-In Speakers

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Portable Sound Laboratories announced Tuesday the release of iMainGo X, an iPhone/iPod/Digital Media Device case that features built-in speakers. According to the company, the speakers are “premium high output stereo speakers” with tuned porting for bass reproduction. The case also features a built-in amplifier to power the speakers.

The speakers are connected through the headphone jack of your device, and the case includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, two headphone jacks, mic input, plug-in charger, custom travel bag and two carry straps.

PSL said that the device fits the iPhone, any Apple iPod (except the shuffle), the Microsoft Zune, and most other MP3 players.

iMainGo X is priced at US$69.99, and is available now through the company’s Web site.


iMainGo X

iMainGo X
(Earbuds not included, but we figured this photo showed off total functionality the best) 

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