iOS 4.2: Lost iTunes Libraries

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Some iPhone owners found that after upgrading to iOS 4.2 their iTunes music libraries were missing from their phone. Odds are your music isn’t really lost, and doesn’t even need to be reloaded.

iOS 4.2 can make music lists like this disappear

If the iPod app on your iPhone thinks you don’t have any music loaded after the iOS 4.2 update, just reconnect your phone to your computer so iTunes can perform a normal sync. Since your music is probably still on your iPhone and the iPod app is merely confused, the sync should go quickly because there aren’t any tracks that actually need to be added back.

Some users have reported that they need to play a track in iTunes while their iPhone is connected to their computer, but none of our tests required the extra play-a-song step.

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Robb Harriss

Yup, happened to me Monday afternoon. But I rebooted the phone and all was fine.


Speaking of problems with OS 4.2.1, it seems you can’t move apps from one screen to another anymore. Can only do it with iTunes. Having a fair number or crashes too.


Thanks for the advice. I had the missing music problem on both my iPhone and iPad. Re-synching them solved it.


Ignore my earlier comment about moving apps.  It seems to work now.


Ignore my earlier comment about moving apps.  It seems to work now.


We can backup our iPhone files before updating.
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