iPad Demand Set to Outpace Kindle in Ebook Reader Market

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A recent study by PriceGrabber indicates that consumers in the market for over the next year are more likely to choose an iPad over Amazon’s Kindle. About 20 percent of the survey respondents said they’re planning on buying an iPad in the next year, compared to 12 percent are planning on buying the Kindle.

Despite the fact that the Kindle serves only as an ebook reader, only 13 percent of the survey respondents said they planned to use their iPad to read books. 20 percent of those planning on buying an iPad plan to use it as a mobile productivity device, 19 percent plan to use it to replace their laptop computer, and 10 percent plan to use it as a portable entertainment device.

The survey included 1,631 participants, and it seems to indicate that despite the Kindle’s lower price point — US$259 compared to the entry level iPad without 3G at $499 — consumers are interested in the multi-function use the iPad offers. In addition to working as an ebook reader, the iPad also supports most of the currently available iPhone apps, and Apple will be releasing iPad versions of its Pages, Keynote and Numbers applications.

Ebook prices at Apple’s iBookStore will cost more than the same titles at Amazon.com, too. iBookStore titles are expected to cost between $12.99 and $14.99, where many Kindle titles at Amazon.com cost $9.99.

The iPad will go on sale on Saturday, April 3, and while it won’t likely kill the single-function ebook reader market, it looks set to ramp up the competition for Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble.

[Thanks to MediaPost for the heads up.]

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Sorry, but this article is very misleading.  While it’s true that iPad sales are set to outpace Kindle in the next year, it is not true that iPad will outpace it in the eBook reader market.

To wit:

20% of those surveyed plan on getting an iPad
12% plan on getting a kindle

of the iPad buyers, only 13% plan on using it for eBooks. For a straight comparison, that makes it (.20 * .13) 3% of all those surveyed will use their iPads for reading eBooks!!!

So the real comparison is 12% (kindle) vs 3% (iPad).  This does not even take into consideration those that buy both and use the kindle for eBooks.

I’ll be getting both, but once you’ve used a Kindle, you won’t want to read from an LCD again.

Constable Odo

How can iPad sales not outpace the Kindle?  Apple’s retail stores alone will be able to move iPads at a record pace.  There is no way Amazon can beat Apple’s marketing clout.  I’ll bet those Apple retail employees are going to make consumers feel like they’ll be missing out on enhancing their lifestyle if they don’t leave with an iPad.  Steve probably told the sales force to get those iPads out the door even at the expense of the other product lines.  No way can we allow the iPad to be a failure like all those other crappy Windows tablets.  Hahaha.


Sorry, but this article is very misleading. While it?s true that iPad sales are set to outpace Kindle in the next year, it is not true that iPad will outpace it in the eBook reader market.

Sure, the headline can mislead a bit. Removing the last four words, “iPad Demand Set to Outpace Kindle” does accurately represent the story’s point of substantial overall sales.

FTR, I’m not out to champion the iPad. I have no personal interest in getting one anytime soon, at least certainly not in the first batch.

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