iPhone Watch Case Costs $38K, Upgrade Path Available

On Monday we covered the DBM iPhone case from De Bethune, an alligator case with a high-end watch embedded in the back. Company representatives are at Baselworld — the world’s foremost watch/timepiece trade show — but answered our questions about the case on Tuesday. The case is priced at 35,000 CHF (Swiss Francs), or US$38,000 at today’s exchange rate.

The company also told The Mac Observer that customers will have an opportunity to adapt the case to the next generation of iPhones. We can hear the rousing choruses of “Hoorah!” echoing throughout…wherever it is that people who can spend $38,000 on an iPhone case hang out.

We also asked De Bethune about other smartphones, and the company said that the concept as seen below will be extended to other smartphones.

DBM Case from De Bethune

DBM case for iPhone from De Bethune
Price: $38,000