Jeff Gamet Discusses Steve Jobs’s Resignation on Thompson Reuters

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Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer’s Managing Editor, paid a visit to Reuters Insider on Thursday to discuss the announcement that Steve Jobs has retired as Apple’s CEO and has been replaced by Tim Cook who previously served as the company’s COO.

Jeff Gamet on Reuters InsiderTMO’s Jeff Gamet on Reuters Insider

Jeff discussed The new role Mr. Jobs will have as Apple’s chairman of the board, what influence he will likely have in his new position, what Apple’s future may hold now that Mr. Jobs has stepped down, and more. Jeff was joined by financial analyst Trip Chowdry from Global Equities Research.

The video interview is available online at the Reuters Insider Web site.

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Engine Joe

Wow, Trip Chowdry is way of base here, no?


she looks shocked in the screen grab. what did you tell her?


Actually, she looks a bit aroused!!  I think she likes you Jeff!!



[quoteEngine Joe:
Wow, Trip Chowdry is way of base here, no?”

I think I would agree with Trip Chowdry’s assertion that all committees/teams are generically incapable of meaningful innovation.

So, is Tim Cook individually capable of significant innovation? I’d guess not.  So maybe he should not be given Jobs’ veto power in product development, but he should be completely capable of running Steve’s 2-3 year product development plan as well as Steve would have.

Is Phil S. individually capable of significant innovation? I’d guess not.  Next?

Is Jon Ive individually capable of significant innovation? Probably.  So should he be given Jobs’ veto power in product development?  Perhaps.  He may be too product-oriented at the expense of function oriented vision - Steve was much more function oriented, at the expense of any individual product (i.e. - Steve would visualize a function, and then contract-out the job of developing a product that realized that function, expecting that most developed products would be vetoed because they fell short of his original image of that function).

Who else might be individually capable of significant innovation? I sure don’t know if anyone else is.

It will be interesting to watch Apple’s fate after Steve’s 3 year product development plan is over.


Iunno…. I think Apple does well with a single person holding Veto power and I think it would be a mistake to take that power away from the CEO just because it’s not Steve Jobs in the position any more….

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