Just Mobile Announces AluPen for iPad/iPhone

| Product News

Just Mobile announced a stylus for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Monday called AluPen. As the name suggests, the device is made of aluminum, though it shaped like a pencil, and not a pen, as you can see below. It has a soft rubber nib for use against your iOS device’s display, and is compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices.

AluPen is priced at US$24.95, and is available for order on Just Mobile’s Xstand Web site.



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Looks perfect for keeping your golf score on your iPad while out on the links. (can they make it in school bus yellow?

I kid. It’s actually pretty cool, though $25 for it? That just begs for a competitor to come in and undercut them.


Yeah a stylus should cost no more than a hot dog.

It does look nice though

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