M-Audio Adds Beta Snow Leopard Drivers for 9 More Devices

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M-Audio has released beta Snow Leopard drivers for nine more devices on its Snow Leopard support page. This brings to 16 the total number of devices the company is supporting (in a beta stage, at least). There are an additional 13 devices for which drivers are being developed.

Public Beta Drivers Available In Development
  • Conectiv
  • Fast Track Pro
  • Fast Track Ultra
  • Fast Track Ultra 8R
  • Fast Track USB
  • JamLab
  • M-Audio Black Box
  • Micro USB
  • Midisport 2x2 & 4x4 Anniv. Ed.
  • MobilePre USB
  • Podcast Factory
  • Producer USB
  • ProKeys Sono 61/88
  • ProFire 2626
  • Transit
  • Xponent
  • Audiophile USB
  • Axiom Pro 25/29/61
  • FireWire Audiophile
  • FireWire 410
  • FireWire 1814
  • FireWire Ozonic
  • FireWire Solo
  • KeyStudio 49i
  • NRV10
  • Ozone USB
  • ProFire Lightbridge
  • ProFire 610
  • Project Mix I/O

Access to the drivers requires membership to M-Audio's support forums - you can find more information at the company's Snow Leopard page.

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