Macte! Releases Safari Toolbar for Mac OS

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Macte! Labs Inc released the Macte! Safari Toolbar on Thursday. This extension is designed to increases the functionality of the Safari web browser.

The toolbar features multi-engine search and rapid access to many web-services. Other features include email check, currency rates, stock prices, and web page translation. Macte! Safari Toolbar is based on Safari Plug-in Kit, a platform designed by Macte! Labs, using only officially documented Mac OS and Safari protocols.

In addition to the regular Safari Toolbar, Macte! Labs has launched a service to create branded toolbars for companies and other organizations.

Macte! Safari Toolbar is compatible with any Intel- or PowerPC- based Mac, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, operating a Safari Browser 2, 3, and 4 Beta. The regular Safari Toolbar is free to users and available at the Macte! Labs site.

Safari Toolbar Screen Shot



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I’m sorry, but why would anyone want this?  Isn’t this one of the reasons we have Dashboard widgets? Imagine someone with a Macbook running this.. it ruins the viewport of the browser and suddenly pages properly formated need to be scrolled..

I must say in my 10+ years of using a Mac, I’ve never EVER thought that I needed more crap on my browser.. and I truly cringe when I see friends who use windows with their browsers overloaded with crap toolbars. 

Maybe it’s because I’m a web designer/developer, but I just kills me.


ps..  who wants to use Yahoo search anyway?


I agree with you 100% Cho.  Back in the day whenever I installed software I just took the defaults through the install/setup.  That approach today earns me every toolbar known to man on my browsers.  All the toolbar helpers do is eat up screen space and waste resources.

I am running Safari 4 beta and loving it.  The lack of clutter allows me to scroll less on many sites.  I even love the tab being at the very top of the window.  These kind of add-on products for Safari or any other browser is like ordering caviar and looking for the bottle of ketchup.

Since when did having two separate search windows represent innovation?


“In addition to the regular Safari Toolbar, Macte! Labs has launched a service to create branded toolbars for companies and other organizations.”

This is what’s all about. Making cash for companies trying to reach Mac costumers. It’s definitely not about usability!

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