Macworld/iWorld 2014 Moves to March

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It's time to update your Macworld/iWorld 2014 calendar because the event is moving from the beginning of February to March 27 through March 29. The new dates also come with a venue change to San Francisco's Moscone North from Moscone West where the event has been held for the past few years.

Macworld/iWorld moves to March and Moscone NorthMacworld/iWorld moves to March and Moscone North

The news first showed up at Macworld, but considering today is April 1, The Mac Observer double checked to make sure the new dates were legit. Our confirmation came from Paul Kent, who is the man behind Macworld/iWorld and IDG World Expo Vice President.

The move means vendors and media will have a little breathing room between the Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of January, and it also means the show won't overlap the Super Bowl on February 2. While Moscone West is a great venue, moving to the North hall should be more convenient for attendees since they won't have as many stairs to contend with when running between convention hall levels.

Macworld/iWorld is an annual convention that includes several days of sessions and training on all things Apple. The event has become something of an annual tradition for many Apple fans not only for the sessions and expo hall, but also for the sense of community and reunion with friends and colleagues.

Several vendors have already signed up to participate in the expo hall, but conference tickets won't go on sale until later this year.

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Shawn King

“getting away from Super Bowl Sunday is a smart move, too.”

Yes, it is. But is that something they just happened to notice this past weekend? Why did they even PUT the show up against the Super Bowl to begin with? Go ahead and ask Paul that - he won’t talk to me. smile

“While Moscone West is a great venue, moving to the North hall should be more convenient for attendees since they won’t have as many stairs to contend with when running between convention hall levels.”

Huh? What stairs are in Moscone that can’t easily be avoided by using the…you know… escalators? smile

Obviously, the reason why the move (a bad one) to the dungeonlike North Hall is because, on those dates, either something else was going on (Moscone’s site doesn’t list anything though) or it was too expensive.

Rose Matthews

Happy April Fools Day

Lee Dronick

Check the Macworld Expo website


Paul and IDG would certainly not have published the original February dates unless that was a solid reservation. My guess is that the March spot opened up, and offered more favorable rates… or more space for vendors to fit.
A pity, though. I thought the 2013 floor arrangement had hit the right balance for all concerned.

Shawn King

“My guess is that…”

Good guess. Shame no one in the Mac Media has bothered to ask the questions this move brings.

I’d ask but show organizers think I’m a rabble rouser and won’t talk to me. smile


Also, the Feb dates (Sat-Mon) felt like a shoehorn. The March dates return the show to its normal Thurs-Sat frame.

Shawn King

“the Feb dates (Sat-Mon) felt like a shoehorn.”

Absolutely were a shoehorn. IDG no longer has the juice they once did with the Moscone Center so they are forced to take table scraps.

No one in their right mind would do a tech conference on a Saturday - Monday, let alone one that straddles the Super Bowl.

So, obviously, the dates opened up for IDG and they made the switch of both the dates and the location. Shame they can’t respect the Mac Community enough to simply come out and say that.

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