NEC (Finally) Launches 43” LCD Display

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NEC has finally and at long last officially launched the NEC CRV43, the company's 43" wraparound (curved) LCD display. The device was initially shown off as a prototype at CES and other trade shows in years past, but the company is now saying it will be released in July at a price of US$7,999.

The device sports the following features:

  1. Seamless curved screen, which eliminates bezel and screen gap issues
  2. 2880 x 900 double WXGA native resolution
  3. 200 cd/m brightness
  4. 0.02ms Rapid Response
  5. 10,000:1 contrast ratio
  6. Wide color gamut with 100% coverage of sRGB and 99.3% coverage of Adobe RGB
  7. Single link DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 input connectors
  8. USB 2.0 connectivity for easy use of peripherals
  9. Front panel controls
  10. On Screen Display (OSD) and software-based GUI, which enables advanced display control options

NEC confirmed with The Mac Observer that the NEC CRV43 is HDCP-compliant, meaning that it will work with Macs with video cards that can support the resolution. More specifically, NEC spokespersons told us that if your Mac has DVI-out, it should support this display.

The NEC CRV43 43" Curved LCD Display

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Jeeve Stobs

Care to show the top or side views? The thing is actually absolutely ginormously deep. (That’s what she said, I know).


2880 x 900 double WXGA native resolution

Ok, so for $8,000, I get 2,592,000 pixels, or for $400 I can buy two Dell G2410 24” 1080p LED-Backlit Widescreen LCD Monitor each offering 1920x1080 giving a total of 3,916,800 pixels . . .
Sure they are not curved, but why pay the extra $7,600 for 34% LESS screen space?

$209 free shipping =

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